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Brooks Jones

Maxx Herb Red Nopal Cactus Fruit Powder, High in Fiber, 10oz 3 Pack

Maxx Herb Red Nopal Cactus Fruit Powder, High in Fiber, 10oz 3 Pack

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Maxx Herb Nopal Cactus Fruit Powder Supplement - 3 Bags Supports Blood Sugar Balance* Supports Normal Cholesterol Levels* Promotes Healthy Digestion* Support Joint Function* Supports The Immune System* HIGH IN DIETARY FIBER â€?Prickly pear powder has excellent levels of soluble and insoluble fiber, making it a great choice to support digestion! It also contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and 10 essential amino acids. LOW IN SUGAR â€?Nopal cactus is classified as a low Glycemic index (GI) whole food with a GI of 7 and a low glycemic load. Each serving of Red Nopal Cactus powder contains only 2 grams of sugar. EASY TO TAKE â€?Mix in water, juice, or smoothies. It is highly absorbent and easy to digest, which increases the nutritional benefits. Powder capsules take longer to digest and require larger quantities to equal one tablespoon of our Nopal cactus powder.  HIGH ALTITUDE GROWN  â€?Our Red Nopal Cactus is grown at high elevation, where the soil is rich in nutrients, and the sun maximizes healthy growth. Our Nopal is hand-harvested, fresh from our farm made with your health in mind. The sustainable growing process and cultivation techniques produce unparalleled quality in harvests year after year. Ingredients: Red Prickly Pear Powder, Acacia, Citric Acid as a natural preservative. (100% Organic Ingredients)

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